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Maria Yantorno
Owner and Director of Fly Kids Yoga
Yoga Place of Bay Harbor


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“Recognized the magnitude of our divine essence, the internal source of our powers that leads the path to become a global- universal family: the power of LOVE” 

Fly yoga help our kids to ease them into adults through yoga – what a gift! Kids of all ages love yoga and can do it. Let’s give more children the opportunity to experience this gift.  With it, they will gain valuable tools for health, confidence, balance and it will bring out their light now and in the future.

Kids are not immune to stress – and they are surrounded by it once they merge into society, to breathing polluted air, and when they go to school. By contrast, nurturing yoga provides a safe, secure, non-competitive environment, positive sense of self, a joyful space to be, and the opportunity for planned relaxation.

Let’s share this mission with Fly Yoga to prepare our kids for a radiant future!!

Maria Yantorno was born in South America, Argentina. She always had a great curiosity about human behavior, the mysteries of the mind, the paths of the subconscious world, the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that make up our subjective experience of being alive. After traveling around for a while, she moved to Miami Beach in 2001 were she started taking yoga classes frequently. She discovered a state of peaceful mind she never felt before, the answers within the inner self, the deep connection between, body-mind-soul. She recognized at last the magnitude of our divine essence, the internal source of our powers that leads the path to become a global –universal family: the power of LOVE.After her consistent practice for more than 5 years finally decided to become a yoga teacher and share the gift of yoga with others. Maria completed a Yoga Kids certification with Radiant Child, also is certified to work with kids with special needs, combining an insightful, funny and enthusiastic spirit with her extensive yoga knowledge, she brings a powerful experience for children…through the use of animated poses and stretching exercises; this classes promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Your kids will gain confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others.Maria is a certify yoga teacher, RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance, she trained in Ashtanga-Vinyasa B.K.S Iyengar and Sri.Krishnamacharya styles; then she completed an intense Street Yoga training that gave  her a mindful approach to the needs of the people and communities she works with, being able to empower and educate. She also utilize breathing and visualizing techniques that teach how to focus and develop self-control.Her aim is to empower kids with the necessary tools to improve coordination and focus, while stimulate their imagination and learn to release energy in a positive way. Maria believes in the benefits of integrating movement/posture-Asanas, breath control- Pranayama and music (the power of Sound). She believes in the vibration waves of different rhythms complement and stimulates the connection with our “inner sound “during the practice.Her classes are a radiant and joyful experience.